Why Outsource?

Maintaining clean and sanitized facilities is critical to your business. Whether its your cleanroom environment, R&D Labs, Data Center, Mission Critical facilities or your offices, each of these areas requires a special care and attention to cleanliness to keep your business running efficiently.

Cleaning benefits your entire business and outsourcing your cleaning services benefits the bottom line.

Focus on Revenue Generation

  • Revenue is generated by focusing on your core competency. For most businesses, cleaning is not a core competency. Hiring experts to maintain your various facilities allows your staff to focus on revenue generating activities.

Reduce Cost

  • Outsourcing your various cleaning requirements can impact the bottom line in a number of areas:
    • Reduced costs in purchasing cleaning products and equipment
    • Reduced internal staffing requirements and the associated hiring costs of internal cleaning staff

Reliability and stability of service

  •  A trusted professional cleaning organization provides you with a reliable and consistent service and can easily adjust to accommodate changes in your various cleaning requirements.

Access to a wide variety of services

  • Cleanroom environments, Controlled Environments, R&D Labs, Data Centers, Mission Critical Facilities and Offices all require a different type and level of cleaning. Professional cleaning organizations have the experience, tools and processes to ensure that each of your various environments are cleaned to your required specifications.


  • Professional results require professional skills. A professional cleaning organization is knowledgeable and trained in the latest cleaning techniques to provide a high quality cleaning service.

Single Point of Contact

  • All cleaning aspects of your various facilities are managed professionally with seamless integration of all facets of your facility services.
  • Navigate all aspects of your complex regulatory and environmental facility management requirements.
  • Issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.