COVID-19 and Cold & Flu Season Prevention Plan – CCS has developed Healthy Cleaning Protocols to keep your facilities safe and healthy


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Meet Alexis Teichman, who was recently promoted to Corporate Recruitment Manager. "It's a privilege to represent our mission of "servicing the companies that impact the world." I love seeing that our mission truly resonates with candidates and our team at CCS." -Alexis Teichman CCS_CLEAN photo
We love getting feedback from our partners! CCS_CLEAN photo
Contamination control is activities aiming to control the existence, growth, & proliferation of contamination in specific areas. Contamination control refers to the process of contamination prevention & decontamination of air & surfaces, including particulate matter & microbes. CCS_CLEAN photo
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That in data centers cleaning improves equipment reliability and as a result prevents business disruptions and financial loss? Learn more about this topic on our data center service page
Our highly-trained technicians are ready to prevent your data center disruptions and financial loss in Texas! Learn more today!

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