COVID-19 and Cold & Flu Season Prevention Plan – CCS has developed Healthy Cleaning Protocols to keep your facilities safe and healthy

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Here is a recent kudos from one of our partners! CCS_CLEAN photo
Whole-room hydrogen peroxide fogging leads to bio-decontamination, room sanitization, and thorough disinfection as part of your cleanroom cleaning program. To learn more industry information about our hydrogen peroxide fogging service visit our site here CCS_CLEAN photo
Did you know particulates smaller than half a micron can damage networking equipment, servers, and storage subsystems by causing them to overheat and short circuit. To mitigate risk within your data center contact the experts at CCS here CCS_CLEAN photo
At CCS we are able to prove that we have an effective cleaning program through our established environmental monitoring program. Click the link below to view a clip from a recent webinar for more inside tips on our environmental monitoring program CCS_CLEAN photo
Madison Read, Senior Human Resources Manager, Corporate, "It always makes my day to hear positive feedback from our partners when our employees go above and beyond." CCS_CLEAN photo

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