International version of the Wi-MGR; communicates via 433MHz and 2.4GHz.

Designed for use in international locations,the Wi-MGR-INT is a version of our wireless sensor network manager configured to communicate via 433MHz and 2.4GHz frequencies.

The Wi-MGR-INT receives and aggregates signals from wireless transmitters. It then displays this data on its integrated web interface, which provides a centralized view of the sensors and their current readings, as well as direct alarm notification from any smartphone or web browser.

The convenient wireless design reduces installation and system expansion costs frequently associated with hard-wired sensors and systems.

Along with its ability to monitor wireless frequencies – the Wi-MGR-INT communicates via 433MHz and 2.4GHz frequencies – the device also includes four hardwired digital inputs and two hardwired relay outputs. This expands the device’s capabilities and allows the Wi-MGR-INT to relay signals from traditional wired sensors and equipment.

Use the Wi-MGR-INT and sensors to monitor:

Equipment Status
Third-party Devices
Since the Wi-MGR-INT can relay the gathered information to facility monitoring systems, it streamlines communications and allows an unlimited variety of wireless equipment to communicate directly with a BMS or NMS.

The Wi-MGR-INT can also be integrated into larger systems via SNMP or BACnet. Modbus protocols can serve as a network repeater to convey alarm status information to a centralized location.