Wireless 418MHz leak detection.
Compatible with the Wi-MGR.

Leak detection without all the expensive, complicated, and ugly wiring? RLE makes it possible with the Wi-LD Wireless Leak Detection Transmitter. When you consider the cost of wiring, conduit, and installation labor, the value of a wireless solution quickly becomes clear.

The Wi-LD transmitter pairs with a RLE spot detector (SD-Z or SD-Z1) or up to 50’ of patented fluid sensing cable to integrate wirelessly with the RLE Wi-MGR network manager for reporting. This integration allows users to quickly and efficiently add new, or relocate existing, wireless sensors.

A 15 foot (4.6m) leader cable and an end-of-line (EOL) connector are included with each Wi-LD wireless leak detection transmitter. Both Wi-LD configurations – utilizing sensing cable or a spot detector – require the use of RLE’s wireless sensor network manager, the Wi-MGR, as a control device.