Spot detector designed primarily for use with RLE’s FMS and RA1x2.

The SD spot detector is designed to primarily function with RLE environmental monitoring controllers, specifically the FMS and RA1x2. The SD comes with a two-wire open lead that allows it to be wired directly to the controller’s terminal block.

Spot detectors are ideal for small spaces, and are the most economical way to detect fluids in confined areas, such as condensation drip pans.

The SD functions like a switch – the circuit remains open until a leak is detected. The sense probes detect a leak, which causes the circuit to close, which then triggers an alarm.

Note: The SD is typically powered by an FMS or an RA1x2, In the event that the SD is not used in conjunction with one of these products, the SD requires an isolated power supply. RLE recommends and stocks the WA-AC-24-ST.

The PSWA-DC-24-ST may also be used, but if a DC power supply is used the SD will be a latching device – once an alarm is detected, the spot detector will remain in an alarm state until power is cycled to the SD. Power supplies are available for purchase separately.


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