Spot detector for use with zone or distance-read leak detection controllers.

Designed to work with all of RLE’s leak detection controllers, the SD-Z spot detector can be connected to other SD-Z units or to sensing or non-sensing cable.

The SD-Z can be used with either zone or distance-read leak detection controllers. When used with a distance-read system, the SD-Z simulates 50 feet of cable – 25ft. (7.62m) from the male connector to the SD-Z, and 25ft. (7.62m) from the SD-Z to the female connector.

Spot detectors are ideal for small spaces, and are the most economical way to detect fluids in confined areas, such as condensation drip pans.

Because a SD-Z cannot connect directly to a controller, leader cable and an EOL terminator are required for installation. RLE packages these components as an LC kit. If you’re adding the SD-Z to an existing RLE leak detection system, additional leader cable and EOL may be unnecessary. Please check your supplies before you attempt to install the SD-Z.


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