Non-Sensing Cable

NSC bridges area in leak detection installs where sensing cable is not necessary.

Non-sensing cable (NSC) is used to extend a control panel’s leader cable to an area where sensing cable is needed. It also bridges lengths of sensing cable through areas where sensing is not required. The NSC does not affect the accuracy of readings or limit the amount of sensing cable that can be connected to a control panel.

Like SeaHawk sensing cables, NSC is highly flexible, resists bends and kinks, lies flat after installation, and is abrasion resistant. The cable is Plenum rated and UL listed, making it ideal for use under raised floors and areas where Plenum-rated cable is required.

We offer two versions of NSC – one for use with conductive fluid sensing cable and one for use with chemical sensing cable. Since the cables have different types of connectors, be sure you obtain the correct version of NSC for your installation.


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