Leader Cable and EOL

Connect sensing cable to a controller and terminate your cable installation.

Leader cable and an EOL are necessary components for any leak detection system and are sold with most SeaHawk leak detection controllers.

Since sensing cables cannot attach directly to a controller, the 15-foot (4.57 meters) leader cable connects the sensing cable to any SeaHawk leak detection controller.

An EOL terminator must be applied to the end of the length of sensing cable – it completes the leak detection circuit. Without an EOL, a length of sensing cable will register a cable break alarm.

A leader cable and EOL are included with most SeaHawk leak detection controllers. These two components are sold together as a Leader Cable Kit (LC-KIT or LC-KIT-M, depending on whether you’re using conductive fluid or chemical sensing cable), or as individual components.

Since conductive fluid sensing cable and chemical sensing cable have different connectors, be sure to obtain the hardware that is compatible with your cable.


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