Framed Reference Map

This framed map helps users identify the precise location of a leak.

Used in conjunction with a SeaHawk distance read controller, a reference map allows users to cross-reference the distance to a leak, as displayed on their controller, with an actual physical location on a floor plan map. This 11-inch x 14-inch (28cm x 37cm) framed map helps identify the precise location of a leak.

How is each map customized?

The FM1114 framed reference map should be purchased with a leak detection system. We will ship you a frame that includes an example of a typical reference map. Once your leak detection installation is complete, use this map as a guide and create a detailed sketch of both your facility and your installed leak detection system.

Mail your sketch to RLE, and we’ll convert your sketch into a polished computerized drawing. When the map has been completed and approved, we’ll mail you a high-quality printout of the map that you can then insert into your frame. Hang the map on the wall next to your SeaHawk distance read controller.

We’ll also email you .pdf and .jpg versions of the reference map. The .pdf is for your files, and the .jpg is ready to be uploaded into your leak detection controller, so you can complete the integrated online mapping portion of your system install (available with our LD5200 and LD2100 leak detection controllers).


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