Stand-alone, web-enabled monitoring and notification for critical facilities.

RLE’s FMS Facilities Monitoring System is a comprehensive monitoring system commonly used to monitor sensitive facilities, critical equipment status and temperature, and environmental sensors. Feature-rich and budget friendly, the FMS is currently used in data centers, labs, telecommunications facilities, museums, and many other facilities around the world.

Looking for maximum versatility and expandability, all in a reliable, easily-accessible, budget friendly package? The Falcon Facility Monitoring System (FMS) is the system for you.

What sets the FMS apart in the marketplace? Ease of integration is a great place to start.
Designed to be vendor neutral, the FMS aggregates information from a wide variety of sensors and equipment and then displays it through an onboard web interface. Does your facility have a larger BMS? No problem – the FMS also allows aggregated data to be pulled to other systems, all without additional servers or software.

If your data’s valuable, and if reduced downtime is a priority, then you’ll appreciate the FMS’s reliability.
The FMS is engineered without any internal moving parts – no hard drive, no fans. This means no downtime, no lost data, and no scheduled maintenance.

Finally, the FMS is a self-contained solution.
It stores and displays all its own data and hosts its own web pages; you won’t need to buy additional servers or install software on your PC. Great onboard features include data trending and extended logging, interactive graphical facility mapping, PUE/DCiE monitoring, and nesting, which allows one FMS to report conditions from a large collection of related FMS units.


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