Distance-read leak detection that monitors up to 10,000 feet of sensing cable.

The SeaHawk 10K distance-read leak detection controller monitors up to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) of sensing cable. It is compatible with all SeaHawk sensing cables and the SeaHawk SD-Z spot detector.

This controller features an audible alarm and visible LED notification. These features allow the 10K to serve as a stand-alone leak detection & notification solution.

Although the 10K does not have a web interface, it can be networked with other RLE Web-accessible controllers or any other Modbus-equipped monitoring system. The 10K retains its stand-alone features, while the Web-accessible controller provides a centralized source of monitoring, communication, and notification capabilities.

Ready to purchase a SeaHawk system? Download and use our SeaHawk Sensing Cable Length Calculator to make sure you order the right amount of cable.
Note: The 10K requires an isolated power supply. A power supply is not included with the 10K. Purchase RLE power supply PSWA-DC-24 or WA-AC-24.


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