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Microrite Inc. Hands-On Fungal Identification 3-Day Laboratory Workshop – April 17th-19th, 2019 – St. Joseph, MO

Hands-On Fungal Identification Workshop

Learn Fungal Identification the correct way by understanding classification and exploring macroscopic as well as microscopic features which differentiate each genus and species. Using the simple identification keys developed by Microrite, learn to identify important cleanroom isolates.

This hands-on workshop will allow you to examine up to 30 commonly encountered cleanroom fungi. You will also learn about the various phases of the same fungus often not caught in automated microbial identification reports.

Attendees will learn how to reduce the number of incorrect IDs by understanding the polyphasic approach to fungal identification. Additionally, learning about the morphology and the structures of cleanroom fungal isolates helps in understanding the efficacy of disinfectants against hard to kill fungi.

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