Cold & Flu Season Prevention Plan – CCS has developed Healthy Cleaning Protocols to keep your facilities safe and healthy

Controlled Contamination Service

Why is it important to learn about the topic?

Learn how your facility or critical environment cleaning starts with the training of your cleaners ( micro cleaners ). First, they need to understand the following:

  • Understanding the purpose of a cleanroom
  • Importance of owning
  • Cleanroom Cleaning Solutions
  • Importance of Solution Prep
  • Proper Cleaning application and Techniques
  • Consequences of not following GMP practices

Areas covered in the session:

  • Purpose of a cleanroom
  • How to properly gown
  • Detergents, Disinfectant, and Sanitizer used to clean a cleanroom
  • Preparation of solutions
  • Proper Cleaning application and techniques
  • Industry case studies
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