Liquid & Water Leak Detection Equipment

RLE’s SeaHawk leak detection solutions are engineered to provide unparalleled protection against any form of conductive fluid that might threaten your facility. The line includes fluid sensing cable and spot detectors as well as the monitoring devices and accessories to support them.

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Test sensing cable for contamination or detected leaks.

Cable Assembly Tools

Tools that allow you to construct your own conductive fluid sensing cable.

Sensing Cable Adapter Kit

Reverse the connector type if sensing cable is installed backwards.

Wall Mount Enclosure

A metal enclosure designed to securely house select leak detection controllers.

Caution Tags

Clearly mark the location of sensing and non-sensing cable.


Use J-clips to keep your sensing cable secure and in place.


Branch sensing or non-sensing in three separate directions.

Weighted Cable Connector

Provide distinct separation between sections of sensing cable.

Framed Reference Map

This framed map helps users identify the precise location of a leak.


5VDC power adapter recommended for use with RLE’s LD310.