Controlled Contamination Services Introduces New Vice President of Operations for the East/Central Region

Controlled Contamination Services Introduces New Vice President of Operations for the East/Central Region

San Diego, California January 27, 2020

Controlled Contamination Services is pleased to announce the promotion of Lis Epley as its new VP, Operations for the East/Central Regions. As Vice President of the East/Central Regions, she will be responsible for all of the day-to-day operations of more than 35 states for CCS. Lis has been with CCS since 2015 and has been an integral part of the company’s success and growth since its inception. Prior to joining CCS, Lis worked in the Facility Services space for more than 15 years providing services to a diverse group of clients. Over the past 5 years, Lis has led her team providing high-quality services primarily to customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, as well as other highly regulated clients.

Lis is a consummate service professional who provides holistic solutions to her clients, builds innovative programs for her customers, trains and develops CCS associates, and ensures enduring, high-value customer relationships. She has developed an operational foundation that continues to build on successful customer relationships and successful partnerships throughout her regions.

“CCS is growing at a very quick pace and scaling across the country faster than expected. Lis is the perfect person to lead this type of growth and develop a team to sustain it,” said CCS, COO, Victor Hoffmeister.

Lis is a mother of four daughters and grandmother to two grandkids. She spends her down-time with family and is guiding two of her daughters through their preparations for their weddings in the near term. Her youngest is a senior in high school and Lis has another daughter starting law school. Her dogs Rosie and Carson (named after Carson Wentz) are her babies. She loves wineries, reading and spending time with her sisters.

About CCS

Controlled Contamination Services is the leading provider of enterprise solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, electronic, semiconductor, manufacturing, high tech, IT, and aerospace and defense industries. CCS provides its clients with comprehensive cleaning, bio-decontamination, as well as a wide array of technical service solutions that exceed the health, safety, and environmental requirements at facilities of any size and use. With more than 27 years of industry and quality knowledge and experts across the US, CCS utilizes an in-depth understanding of FDA regulations and GxP requirements to meet and exceed the most stringent cleaning and decontamination needs. Whether your site is a multi-million square foot facility or a more modest project, CCS is your choice to deliver the highest quality solutions for your environment.

CCS’s Data Center Services Division provides a wide range of specialty cleaning services that included: Data Center Cleaning, Hot Aisle, and Cold Aisle Containment Systems, Water and Leak Detection, Facility Monitoring, Computer Room Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Underfloor Plenum Cleaning, Raised Floor Access Cleaning, Equipment, and Environment Cleaning, Zinc Whisker Testing and Remediation, 7 X 24 Disaster Recovery Services. CCS also offers High-Efficiency Infrastructure Optimization products and services for data center customers who are in need of improved infrastructure cooling, power and monitoring efficiency, and management.

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