Cost Savings, Time Savings, and Better Environmental Monitoring Results
Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Partner

Executive Summary

In early 2019, CCS began a partnership with a biopharmaceutical manufacturing client in the Greater Boston area. We quickly identified that the client was using incompatible legacy equipment from a previous cleaning company and did not fall in line with GMP guidelines for cleaning cleanrooms. Leveraging our expertise and vendor relationships, CCS recommended the correct equipment that would not only yield better results but would also save them nearly $1M/year in WFI and cleaning chemicals for their contamination control program. Additionally, CCS worked with the client to streamline their equipment and mop changing process and documentation procedures. We were able to help them reduce the documentation necessary for cleaning each night from nearly 85 log sheets per night to approximately 30. The forms were adjusted to make them easier to understand what type of cleaning was performed and audit-friendly. This not only streamlined the process for the cleaners but also assisted the client by reducing the number of forms the quality department needs to review regularly.
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