Commercial Café Services

Café Services from CCS provide the full care and maintenance for your café, breakroom, or dining areas.

Each day, certified CCS team members will make sure all food prep and dining areas are clean, products are available, fresh, and fully-stocked, and that all equipment is properly maintained and fully-functioning.

Café Services Include:

  • Routine Cleaning (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly)
  • Product Inventory Monitoring
  • Product Replenishment
  • Hot and Cold Beverage Service
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Meeting and Event Support
  • Customer Service
  • POS Support

Benefits of Clean Workplace Cafés

  • Foster enjoyable social interactions
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase productivity at work
  • Increases the lifespan of the facility
  • Protects the health of employees
  • Prevents time off of work due to illness


  • Promptly address and resolve service requests
  • Maintain daily and real-time service logs
  • Report equipment issues in a timely manner
  • Report accidents, injuries, unsafe work conditions and possible food borne illness incidents to client in a timely manner
  • Provide daily and monthly performance reports
  • Provide temperature logs for refrigerated equipment